feb 2

Rolling Stone on Artie Lange

Grigoriadis strikes again: "Artie Lange, the 300 pound 41-year old sidekick to Howard Stern, is one of the most complicated, crass and insecure comedians working today -- and one of the most successful. He makes a ton of dough: $700,000 per year at Sirius XM and about $3 million a year on the stand-up circuit. Too Fat to Fish, his memoir, is on the New York Times bestseller list. Random House has already signed up his next book for $800,000. There's only one problem: Lange is a carousing, overeating drugged-up mess who can't handle the mundane details of life, like keeping a girlfriend, cooking, cleaning or even getting an e-mail account." See also: The Story Behind the Story.

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