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Show Me Your Cylons

Maybe Battlestar Galactica isn't feminist after all? Chauvinist Pigs in Space.


meh, the author is picking and choosing examples. sure a lot of female characters have died, but since the original fleet had over 50k survivors and now has about 30k, clearly a lot of people have died on the show. and quite a few of them were male and central to the show.

and the ellen tigh resurrection wasn't all writhing and moaning, it was more pain, panic and crying, and then acceptance as she remembers she's not ellen tigh anymore or even human, she's a cylon. if you missed the nuances of that scene, then you are probably missing a lot of the nuances of the show.

i could probably write a whole lot about the rape issue on the show, but i'll address the helena cain/gina issue. helena is gay, the 6 named gina that she fell in love with betrayed her and got a large number of people on her ship killed. cain is not exactly a stable and healthy person, and since cylons killed her entire family, and a few billion others, what she let happen is the worst thing she personally could have done to gina. and eventually she is killed by gina for it. this is also a person who stripped civilian ships for parts and people and left the rest to die, so cain is not the best at making correct moral decisions. she's there to show what could have happened to the fleet is adama wasn't the leader, he would never let either of those things happen.

oh, and all those words and no mention of gaius baltar?!

posted by kittyholmes at 4:02 PM on March 6, 2009

I like how the hot blonde is always tarting around in a tight little dress and high heels and speaking in a sultry bedroom voice. Look, she's probably feminist on the inside.

posted by Eric at 6:49 PM on March 8, 2009

Mad i never knew there was so much to that show it sounded like a run down of hitch hikers guide to the galaxy ill need to go back and watch it i was a kid i seen some of it i thought it was great couldn't wait to see it every week but it must of worked on a few levels

posted by stewart at 7:01 PM on March 10, 2009

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