mar 12

Google Voice

Could Google save the least desirable form of modern communication -- voicemail?

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I need google to come out with a 'killer app' that will make it socially acceptable for me to (1) pretty much ignore my work desk phone (which I pretty much do now) and (2) check my voicemail maybe twice a week tops.

Seriously. My job is "marketing," which means that 90+% of my incoming calls are from people i do not want to talk. (And even those that I DO want to talk to I'd still rather talk via email.)

This sounds like a godsend. Google, if you're listening, please let me forward my work extension into this system pronto. I need to be able to ignore all the people that I need to ignore without missing the .5% of calls that I actually want

posted by alesh at 10:31 PM on March 12, 2009

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