mar 17


Josh Schwartz (creator of Gossip Girl) new online show: Rockville, CA. Filmed in Echo Park, it has beautiful people pretending to be musicians, but the music is decent.


correction: it has beautifulish people pretending to be music fans &/or music industry workers.

posted by josh at 12:30 PM on March 17, 2009

Hhaha, right because beautiful people aren't allowed to be musicians or music fans. Of all the things to criticize about this show, I don't know if looks is up there in the top 10.

I think given the choices Patsavas has made in the past, the bands chosen to be on Rockville CA are a little more than "decent." I'm excited for some good footage of the bands performing.

posted by janet at 2:45 PM on March 17, 2009

Here's a link to the full list of bands and the songs that they played for 'Rockville.' Also in there are links to an interview with Alex Patsavas and a profile of one of the beautiful people, so to speak:

posted by PedroandtheWatcher at 2:50 PM on March 17, 2009

high school fundraiser ideas

posted by Mrudla at 3:12 AM on March 18, 2009

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