mar 26

Twitter Ghost Writers

Come to think of it, I could use a Twitter ghostwriter too.

Annie Colbert, a 26-year-old freelance writer from Chicago who is one of [Guy] Kawasaki's ghost Twitterers, said she judged her performance based on how often her postings for Mr. Kawasaki are "retweeted," that is, resent by other users of Twitter.

Recently, she said, she had a coup when the actor Ashton Kutcher repeated her post about a YouTube video showing someone getting high from a "natural hallucinogen."

"Facebook is like Cheers, where everyone knows your name," she said. "Twitter is the hipster bar, where you booze and schmooze people."

She said she had been considering trying to get other ghost Twitter clients. "I don't think I could ghost Twitter for 100 people," she said. "More like 10 clients. I think I would have to get to know them."


10 years from now someone is going to do a list of the articles the NYT was doing about Twitter just as their whole industry was falling into shambles. I wonder how that will play.

posted by alesh at 11:35 PM on March 26, 2009

I think that anime258 guy has a real hit on his hands.

Also, about the article, Shaqs the best.

posted by Jake at 1:02 AM on March 27, 2009

If I am going to speak, it will come from me, he said, adding that the technology allows him to bypass the media to speak directly to the fans.

As for the temptation to rely on a team to supply his words, he said: Its 140 characters. Its so few characters. If you need a ghostwriter for that, I feel sorry for you.

Team Shaq. I just unfollowed Guy Kawasaki. He could learn a few lessons in authenticity from Billy Joel.

posted by Rachel Sklar at 12:46 PM on March 27, 2009

Every time Rachel makes a Billy Joel reference, an angel gets his wings.

posted by Michael Duff at 5:49 PM on March 27, 2009

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