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Blogging Their Way To The Altar

So which of you am I going to marry? (I know, I know... I'm going to marry a retweeter.)


This is usually the type of time where I tell the story of how I was writing in Santa Clara, apparently just well enough and making just the right references, and managed to spark an email relationship with a wonderful girl in NYC who I later moved out to my place and married, and then somehow we ended up back in the Twin Cities, living happily ever after. So...you know, you can JOKE about it, but emails and IM aren't the worst way to find out you're totally mad for somebody. Still...blogs weren't around ten years ago, so we didn't have a lot of commentators/voyeurs during our relationship, either, so it's not EXACTLY the same.

On the other hand, you misspelled "Altar" in your title up there.

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The interesting thing about the Althouse situation is that for years she wrote a LOT about the beauty/freedom of being single and she also was an advocate of old married couples having their own separate bedrooms, etc etc. So it was suprising (and touching!) that she'd turn into such a fool for love.

I guess there are also "issues" about how people are reacting to this announcement given that it's a female blogger and a male commenter, but I find that whole tack pretty boring and just an excuse for Ann to exhibit her gentle brand of militant feminism.

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Althouse supplies the "missing links" to the story here.

(Sowwy about that other comment thread. I don't even know.)

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