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The Informer

In addition to that Talk of the Town piece, Brett Easton Ellis is also this week's A/V Club interview. He disses his own movie: "Less Than Zero is obviously bad, and we don't need to talk about why that didn't work. And American Psycho -- that is, I think, an impossible book to adapt. But whatever, it was the greatest hits from the book, more or less. Mary did a very good job of keeping that movie together, as did Christian Bale, and I think Roger did a terrific job. And with The Informers, I think there is really an outstanding movie floating out there somewhere, and I hope one day people might be able to see it. I am not comparing The Informers to The Godfather on any level, but there's that famous story where Paramount asked Coppola to cut like an hour out of the movie, because they didn't want to release a three-hour movie. And Coppola did, and showed it to the executive, and it was terrible. It moved very slowly at two hours. And then when he put the other hour back in, it moved very quickly. And that's all I want to say about The Informers."

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Ellis is one of the writers i was reading in high school instead of the assigned reading. I have no idea why I enjoyed his writing so much. His characters are emotionally blank, there are no real plot lines, and culturally i relate to it not at all. And still. I loved the long pretentious essays on Whitney Houston and Phil Collins in Psycho.

But Informers is particularly special. I still can't figure out whether it's a novel or a collection of short stories. Best use of vampires in fiction ever.

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