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Golden Balls

This is pretty great... there's a British game show called Golden Balls that concludes with a segment called Spilt or Steal that directly borrows the classic Prisoner's Dilemma. There are many YouTube clips, but the best has to be this one.

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Man, I clicked over here hoping for a raucous back-and-forth in the comments. Oh well. My two cents on the clip you linked to (spoilers): I thought for sure that the sweet guy was going to steal, shocking the audience. But the end result was actually pretty unsurprising. So I'm wondering, Rex, what about this clip stood out to you.

That said, it's a great premise for a game show--although it would be better, in my opinion, as a component in a broader show. Not sure exactly how to implement it, but as part of a vote to eliminate one or more participants, it would up the drama on voting negotiations.

posted by Jake at 1:58 PM on June 10, 2009

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