jun 8

VH1 Maybe Shuts Down BWE

VH1 Shelves Best Week Ever, Possibly Permanently. I haven't watched this for a long, long time, but during the first year, it was one of my favorite things on television.


Thanks for the linkage, Rexy. I had to hedge my headline bets due to the official comment that I got from Vh1, but based on the chatter that I just heard from a bunch of Vh1 folk at a party, the show is all but officially canceled. Bummer party.

posted by Uncle Grambo at 10:13 PM on June 8, 2009

It's kinda sucked the last couple years though, right? No offense to Paul & co., but I think it's gone downhill since Hirschorn left.

posted by Rex at 10:58 PM on June 8, 2009

Used to be good until the new format. Stopped watching 1 week after they changed.

posted by Jon C at 11:49 PM on June 8, 2009

Paul F. may be funny, but turning the show into something hosted was a big mistake. The new format killed everything great about the show.

posted by josh at 2:32 AM on June 9, 2009

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