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Why Dollhouse Really Is Joss Whedon's Greatest Work. Bold! [via]


i really wished i liked dollhouse more, but i just don't. i don't care about the characters at all, the writing is actually pretty bad, and the writer of this article is pretty excited about the moral premise of the show, but when you are watching it, it's just like it's hitting you over the head. if it was buffy, you'd be like I GET IT, high school is hell, now get back to the characters!

"I've noticed something about Dollhouse: there's an inverse relationship between someone's moral fibre and the quality of his/her dialog. In other words, Adelle and Topher consistently get the best lines in every episode.." this is not just a dollhouse thing. spike always got the best lines on buffy, and mal and jayne on firefly have plenty of quoteworthy ones too.

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Why Eloquent Trolling Is Replacing Journalism

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