jun 16

It's On

So I watched the first episode of It's On, MTV's new show to replace TRL, starring the extremely likable Alexa Chung. Probably the most surprising thing: it's basically a talk show. There were a couple sketches (Jack Black and Michael Cera painfully talking over the trailer to their movie), some interviews (Spencer & Heidi), a performance (Soulja Boy). They didn't play a single music video. Anyway, they seemed to handle the twitter/facebook integration into the show pretty seamlessly, which was the biggest question going in. So I think it worked and I'm ready to now ask: Alexa, will you be my friend?


I wonder what makes Alexa so likable?

"She arrives at MTV with well-honed hosting skills, quick wit, a style that is nothing short of individual, a passion for music and an intelligent point of view."

Oh. Nevermind....

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