jun 18

Why Is The Economist Doing Well

In a video with a Daft Punk intro that accompanies his Atlantic column, Michael Hirschorn explains why The Economist is doing well but Newsweek and Time are dying. (Absolutely nothing in that sentence sounds right.) [via]


Time and Newsweek have a deeper problem than their expanded subs base. When two Economist readers meet they can go off on one for hours. They are unbelievably passionate about the product, and that's engagement you can sell (and I used to sell that when I worked there). How many Time and Newsweek readers are nuts about the magazine? What is there to be nuts about?

My two pence.

posted by Sanderson Jones at 9:08 AM on June 19, 2009

thank you very much for a wonderful article

posted by jake at 4:28 PM on June 28, 2009

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