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Ooooo! Anil fires back at Gladwell's criticism of Anderson. See also: Chris Anderson Is Worse Than Wal-Mart. I'm conflicted!


Mike Masnick's take on Techdirt seemed like it was also worth the read.

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I find it amusing I didn't have to pay to read any of these articles debating "FREE content".

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The only proven business model left is Tumblog to book deal.

It seems blog to book deal to movie deal is new American Dream.

I can only blame Kottke and Rex for not charging a subscription for their sites from day 1. Thanks guys.

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Choire is being goofy -- Anderson is't advocating for a system where people write for free -- he's _describing_ the system that exists in many contexts.

Does Choire use Firefox? Is he aware that it was mostly made by unpaid programmers? Is Mozilla worse then Wal-Mart?

Chris Anderson makes some wildly overreaching claims about what will happen in the future, but his observations about what's happening NOW are pretty accurate.

To bring this back to the Gladwell thing, yeah YouTube looses a lot of money for Google, but at least for now, yeah, it's FREE.

(When we start to see prepended 15 sec. video ads on certain videos is another question.)

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OOPS!: I accidentally ctrl-V'd "Choire" into the Name field on that last post. Sorry...

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Sounds like a shady deal. Got to find my copy. Hell, makes me wonder why Chris Anderson is so popular these days?

Las Vegas Timeshares

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