aug 4

This Would Make a Good Movie

So it's great that those American journalists were "pardoned" in North Korea, but isn't the storyline here kinda crazy? The journalists worked for Al Gore (at Current.TV) and after a visit by his former boss, Bill Clinton, they will be released despite his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, being the functional Secretary of State. Bill is presumably involved because Hillary has been playing bad cop with North Korea -- and they called her a "funny lady," which is funny. (And: "Sometimes she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping.") Along for the ride to North Korea? That wacky sidekick John Podesta, who was Clinton's chief of staff. Somehow, I bet that madman Kim Jong-il actually enjoys how this all turned out: like a '90s sitcom.


Or maybe he tried to reenact Team America.

posted by Rex at 4:28 PM on August 4, 2009

See also: photo.

posted by Rex at 4:33 PM on August 4, 2009

Was wondering when someone was going to spot that Podesta scowl in the photo. Hah.

posted by Colin Nagy at 4:39 PM on August 4, 2009

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