sep 9

You Lie!

What sort of elected official yells "You lie!" during a presidential address? This uber-douche. Update: he called to apologize.


It's moments like this that 4chan should use their powers for good.

posted by Rex at 11:56 PM on September 9, 2009

Rob Miller, Wilson's Democratic challenger, has raised $28,000 on ActBlue tonight off of Wilson's outburst.

posted by Jake at 12:38 AM on September 10, 2009

Miller's up to more than $300K now.

posted by mat honan at 3:13 PM on September 10, 2009

hey, at least the guy apologized.

that's really saying something for a republican these days.

i think outburst was planned-- what made the headlines last time the president spoke in front of a crowd about healthcare? nope, not healthcare. professor gates stole the spotlight for days afterward.

posted by steve at 3:13 PM on September 10, 2009

You have the weirdest, most cordial spammers.

posted by mat honan at 9:52 PM on September 10, 2009

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