oct 13

Roger Ebert on Twitter

Ebert is now on Twitter.

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His Tweets strike me as Ebert being the sort of person I would follow, and then later, ask myself EVERY time I see a new Tweet from him "WHY am I following this guy again?" ...and yet be completely unable to unfollow him.

So, of course, I'm following him. (I follow a lot of folks who make me feel like that.)

Still, if it weren't for checking him out I wouldn't have learned that Kino is planning to release the 210 minute version of "Metropolis" in 2010, so there's my circuitous-path-to-knowledge-thanks-to-the-Internet of the day. ( <---- this is exactly the sort of "only I care about this, but read it anyway" sentence that all those people I follow on Twitter would say - hooray for hypocrisy!)

posted by CRZ at 2:37 PM on October 13, 2009

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