oct 19

Mad About Mad Men

An interview with the prop master of Mad Men. Also, I finally around to reading The Atlantic's take on Mad Men, which is brilliant at picking apart the inner logic of the show, but stumbles in forcing a value judgement on that structure.

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I didn't understand why I kept getting punched in the face while reading that Atlantic piece and then I realized it's because the author is so much better than me and his reasons for liking the show are so much more intellectual than everyone else. I think that's what makes it OK for him to make generalizations about how people acted in the 60's, but be critical of generalizations on the show. Maybe Don and Betty leaving garbage at a picnic site was supposed to tell us more about Don and Betty than parents in the 60s? Probably not, but now I've gone and made too much of this. Crap.

posted by Aaron at 3:12 PM on October 21, 2009

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