nov 18

The Return of Sasha Grey

If you're in NYC this weekend, you may want to know about Sasha Grey and others reading from Neuromancer at the New Museum. (In other incongruent news, did anyone see the strange thing on the newsstand this month? There's a Roger Ebert essay in Playboy about Kubrick's Lolita with pictures of Sasha.)


You chose the wrong weekend to leave.

posted by Rins at 2:48 PM on November 18, 2009

Your readers are more likely to have seen this month's issue of 'Gourmet' than 'Playboy'.

posted by Cornholio at 2:54 PM on November 18, 2009

@Cornholio--I guess I'm one of his unlikely readers, then.

posted by Deffo at 4:28 PM on November 18, 2009

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