dec 8

When Tech Journalists Get Confused

This Financial Times article about the downfall of MySpace and its conflict with News Corp is pretty funny for all kinds of anecdotal reasons, but my favorite bit is this:

Former MySpace executives say News Corp dragged its feet over implementing Ajax, a program that allows users to send a message, an e-mail or to post a comment on their friends' pages without having to open a new browser window.

Oh really? So that's what Ajax is!


How else would you quickly and simply explain what ajax is/does? I think that's actually a reasonably good summation...

posted by Hugh at 7:33 AM on December 9, 2009

i grew up thinking ajax was "stronger than dirt"

posted by steve at 2:52 PM on December 9, 2009

substitute "program" with "technology", and "without having to open a new browser window" with "without having to reload the page", and i'd say that's a pretty good, quick explanation of what AJAX does for a mainstream, non-techie audience, in an article about the financial aspect of MySpace

posted by pfranks at 4:38 PM on December 9, 2009

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