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Anonymous Facebook Employee Scares You

Rumpus: You've previously mentioned a master password, which you no longer use.

Employee: I'm not sure when exactly it was deprecated, but we did have a master password at one point where you could type in any user's user ID, and then the password. I'm not going to give you the exact password, but with upper and lower case, symbols, numbers, all of the above, it spelled out 'Chuck Norris,' more or less. It was pretty fantastic.

Rumpus: This was accessible by any Facebook employee?

Employee: Technically, yes. But it was pretty much limited to the original engineers, who were basically the only people who knew about it. It wasn't as if random people in Human Resources were using this password to log into profiles. It was made and designed for engineering reasons. But it was there, and any employee could find it if they knew where to look.

This and much more in Conversations About the Internet #5: Anonymous Facebook Employee.

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Hahaha, wow. I wonder how long ago they removed that? I bet this kind of thing goes on more often than we'd think.

posted by John at 5:05 PM on January 12, 2010

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