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Hurt Locker's realism

The NYT's Lens blog features an essay by a photographer/videographer who has been covering bomb squads in the Iraq War over the last six years. He says The Hurt Locker is completely unrealistic:

The film is a collection of scenes that are completely implausible  wrong in almost every respect. This time, its not just minor details that are wrong...More disturbing and implausible yet is the way the protagonist repeatedly endangers the lives of his team members. The soldiers I have worked with over the years are like brothers to one another. Never have I seen stronger bonds between men. Any soldier who routinely endangers his own life or those of his squad members would not be punched, as the movies star is in one scene. He would be demoted and kicked out of his unit.

Does it matter? --ADM


This dude would really hate Apocalypse Now!

posted by Rex at 2:01 PM on March 1, 2010

Yes, it matters--not because it makes the movie worthless, but because it changes the way we see the movie. Lots of commenters at the Lens blog are saying "it's not a documentary!" and implying that action movies shouldn't be held to the same standards. But I think the point of the movie is to get the spectator to think it's an action movie, and then pull the rug out from under all the usual expectations.

posted by Jared at 3:14 PM on March 1, 2010

Who cares? This is Kathryn Bigelow's vision of the war. We can maybe question historical accuracies, but not the way she depicts her characters. It's entertainment, people..

posted by marrina at 5:29 PM on March 1, 2010

This just in: "Paul Rieckhoff, executive director and founder of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, said much of the film made soldiers out to be reckless cowboys."

posted by marrina at 6:07 PM on March 1, 2010

Not really related, but Bigelow was profiled on 60 Minutes last night. James Cameron says she's going to win the oscar.

posted by Rex at 6:12 PM on March 1, 2010

No one seems to care the Na'Vi have boobs

posted by Chris at 2:54 AM on March 2, 2010

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