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The Humourous Rollerskater

I admit that "Australia's earliest film" may not be the most exciting title you've ever read, but beyond the historical interest - apparently this helps people piece together a line that leads up to Chaplin - there's just something fun about having a video from 104 years ago open in one tab and one uploaded to YouTube an hour ago in another.

Paniteur Grotesque "shows a bearded man, dressed in a top hat and smoking a cigar, rollerskating in a park before a circle of onlookers. He stops and lifts his jacket to reveal a white hand print on the bottom of his trousers in a cheeky gesture to the camera". Like ya' do.[via] -NA

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Of course, that video is actually from 114 years ago. Counting: not my strong suit.

posted by Nav at 9:23 PM on April 5, 2010

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