apr 20

most awesomest thing ever

this was pretty HOTT last week in the advertising/planning/creative community that dominates my twitter feed.

According to the latest rankings...

Top 5 Awesomest:

1. Internet

2. Life

3. Music

4. Oxygen

5. Lasers

Ok, agree.

Bottom 5 Inadequatest:

1. Kevin Federline

2. Mitt Romney

3. Sanjaya Malakar

4. Robert Pattinson

5. The Hills (sorry, Rex)

Now go forth, and be more awesome. -- FB


Internet #1 and life #2, irony met the truth in a dark alley...

posted by Stew K at 10:29 AM on April 21, 2010

Physical intimacy beat lightsabers. So there's hope for millions.

posted by Eric at 3:51 PM on April 21, 2010

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