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Rex Sorgatz

Screenplay idea: Man gets amnesia and reconstructs his life from blog comments he wrote. Short film -- he kills himself after 11 minutes.

may 17

The Mean One

"Don't know who Taylor Momsen is? Neither do I, beyond that she is the mean one on Gossip Girl." Did no one catch that David Carr confused Taylor Momsen with Leighton Meester in his lede?


I've seen that. Well, Taylor's made a name for herself via Gossip Girl. She will even be given her own show, a Gossip Girl spinoff.

posted by Jim at 3:11 AM on May 21, 2010

maybe he did, maybe he didn't? jenny kind of *was* the meanest schemer in this last season of GG.

posted by josh at 12:09 PM on May 21, 2010

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