feb 8

Blogging Isn't Dead, Is it?

While we are on the subject, here are some other blogs you may find worth reading:

  • Scouting NY. A location scout writes about NY's overlooked places.
  • Second Avenue Sagas. Some of the best analysis of NYC subway issues.
  • Abu Aardvark. Thoughtful examination of internal and external politics of the Middle East.
  • NYTPicker. Picks apart the NYT, sometimes taking it a bit too far.

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Now a days we can find about everything through blogs. There is no time to read and analyze about each and every things. For that Every one wish to know about all things with in their residence. Also some can wish to buy every thing within their home. So Blogging is not dead.... It is Living still now...

posted by Abrilkorey at 6:03 AM on February 9, 2011

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