sep 4

Ars Electronica

The international Ars Electronica awards (which in the last two years have controversially gone to Linux and Neal Stephenson) have just been announced:

Golden Nica Net Vision:
Awards of Distinction Net Vision:
 Sega Phantasy Star Online

Golden Nica Net Excellence:
Awards of Distinction Net Excellence:
 Warp Records
 Manhattan Transformations

Have fun with those links, and then spend another hour with the groovy international net flavor of the Honorable Mentions:
 Gamelab's games
 The Walker Art Center
 DMG:I.O* vs R3:DEV*
 Bytes for All

p.s. Jerra is back from Thailand, and she brought me a Buddha. He's on the webcam. Can anyone tell me what the hell it's doing?

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