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around the country in five days

The past five days have involved sleeping in a different city every night, in this order: San Francisco, Minneapolis, Toledo, Ithaca, and New York City. I have only one piece of advice from this experience: don't attempt to drive a Uhaul into Manhattan via the Holland Tunnel. Just trust me on this. But I'm home and safe, and here is where we left off:


Ana Marie is back at the helm of Wonkette.

The Guardian has launched a blog.


Burger King's take on Pimp My Ride:


Copyright issues are preventing shows like WKRP in Cincinnati from showing up on DVD.


In what must be a first, Halle Berry picks up her Razzie in person. (Update: A reader writes in to say that Tom Green showed up for his Freddy Got Fingered Razie.)

A little profile of Portia de Rossi in Paper.


For self-publishers: How to Sell Your Book, CD, or DVD on Amazon.


Wired mag profiles Yahoo as the UnGoogle. It's a good comparison the strengths of each company.


You'd expect a T-Mobile backlish with the newest Paris Hilton scandal, but the exact opposite happened.


Now Michael Wolff (through a proxy) has told Felix Salmon to take down the speech text. Now it's on Cryptome, therefore guaranteeing its legacy and creating even more controversy. Silly Wolff.

Profile of the Vice empire, which is now multi-million dollars strong.


Gothamist interviews Lou Barlow.

I hate that new Interpol puppet as much as that goddamn Arby's oven mitt. has everything you wanted to know about the ugly marionette.

New Fiona Apple tracks.


While I was out of town, it looks like Odeo launched (NYT story), and then unlaunched.


Lookie! The Walker relaunched the website with a new design. The plans for openening weekend (April 16-17) have been announced too.

Jayhawks: unbroken up.

Buffalo, MN becomes one of the first cities to have a mesh network.

If you read between the lines at this post from 89.3 The Current, it seems as though the station is failing to meet its financial (membership) goals.

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