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2006: back with links


Media pundits are flopping around like suffocating carp over Soderbergh's new movie, Bubble (trailer), which will be released on DVD (now available for pre-order on Amazon) just a few days after it comes out in theaters.


Is Chuck a t-shirt merchant now? I guess so. His newest (and strangest) Esquire column invites you to buy one of these t-shirts.


From last month, a Rolling Stone profile of the guy who created NowThatsFuckedUp.com, which is extremely fucked up -- among other things, the site contains gruesome unedited photos of people killed in Iraq.

Tag everything: TagWorld.

Last year's totally old rumor is back: Yahoo to buy Technorati?

Current.TV has put up a training module for citizen vlogging called survival guide. Meanwhile, Blogumentary has Vlognomics.



Anyone else notice that nearly all the skits on this weekend's SNL contained musical numbers, including the intro monologue by Scarlett Johanson? Lazy Sunday, what have you wrought?

Outrageous Firsts in Television History. First toilet on tv, first use of the word fuck, first abortion, first rape, and of course first lesbian kiss.

Did you catch the first episode of Web Junk 20, the new show created by Viacom for VH1 after purchasing iFilm (VH1 link | iFIlm link). Why does it suck so much?


Although I've already got a Harmony 880 remote, this new SimpleRemote with WiFi sure does look tantalizing.


Wikipedia entry for Trapped in the Closet. The DVD is awesome.

3030Media.net is collecting some of the best hip-hop vid clips on tv, including the amazing Lil Wayne / Robin Thicke performance on Leon last which, which Kelefa gave a NYT shout-out to.


Cool Sony commercials in which balls are set free in San Francisco.

The Go Daddy commercials that won't air on the Super Bowl. Boring.


Think your a hot shot in forecasting the big events in 2006 culture? Take the USA Today quiz to make your predictions.


I've had several conversations with people who so greatly misinterpreted Gladwell's Blink that it seemed they never read it, but I never realized someone could write a whole book about his misinterpretation: Think.

I should really start a whole blog about last week's James Frey scandal, but here are just some related links: mammoth Kottke thread, Laura Miller at Salon offers her take, a history of literary hoaxes, and what will happen to Frey's and JT Leroy's movie deals?


Idlewild, the new Outkast film.

Miami Vice, the Jaimie Foxx / Colin Farrell version directed by Michael Mann.

Apocalypto, in which Mel Gibson goes native.

Tristram Shandy, the first postmodern novel turned into movie.

Manderlay, in which Lars von Trier continues his Beckett-inspired movie-plays.


Mo Rocca should have been the host of VH1's Web Junk 2.0 just because he just a better host and the only one who can put a little more spin on the videos that make them more funny.

posted by Paul at 4:32 PM on January 16, 2006

do you mean, "Tristram Shandy, the first postmodern novel, turned into a movie" or do you mean "Tristram Shandy is the first postmodern novel turned into a movie." If it's the former, and we're expanding the definition of "postmodern" to include "pre-modern", then I'm going to nominate Don Quixote as the first postmodern novel, and also, while I'm at it, the first postmodern novel turned into a movie. see page 2: http://www.michaelberube.com/essays/pdf/postmod.che.pdf Of course we can travel back in time 10 years and debate this while the rest of the class gets annoyed with the pretentious pricks in the back, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

posted by adm at 10:15 PM on January 17, 2006

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