Journal of Near Eastern Literatures
Aims and Scope
Edebiyât provides a forum for scholars working on Middle Eastern literatures (chiefly Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Hebrew, although articles on Îminority' literatures, e.g. Armenian, and on the Ancient Literatures of the Middle East are welcomed) and related comparative studies in which to publish scholarly articles, translations, and brief communications. The emphasis is on work of a high academic standard, representing the current state of the art in literary studies. Comparative studies between related Middle Eastern literatures and East-West comparative studies are particularly welcome, as are articles on the relationship of literature with other arts and media (visual arts, music, theatre and film) and applications of contemporary literary theory (structuralism; semiotics; literary anthropology) to the literature of the Middle East. The focus, however, is on practical demonstration of methodological approaches rather than on purely theoretical discussions. Edebiyât hopes to promote a dialogue between scholars of Middle Eastern Literatures and their colleagues in other disciplines, particularly those engaged in the study of other literatures (Western and non-Western alike), and an active exchange of views and information. Edebiyât also provides reviews of books and information on forthcoming events of interest to its readers (conferences, workshops, competitions, etc.)
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