weekly recommendations of media, tv, podcasts, film, games, apps, music, books, tech, art, and design; also, a super dumb pun on my name

Issue Date Topics
013 5/19/19 generation x special edition, how to go viral on twitter, lots of generational cliches
012 5/12/19 what the constitution means to me, diary of a song, jt leroy, chernobyl, flow state, james beard award
011 5/05/19 podcast manipulation, cops, i think about this a lot, sandler on snl, dooce, obamas on netflix, invisibilia, tumblr for sale, media franchise, the sorgatz effect
010 4/27/19 french scrabble, posters, banksy authentication, lotsa movie trailers, the instagram aesthetic, buttigieg's favorite music
009 4/21/19 text-based friendships, making da vinci, reply all, eating pig snouts, earworms, the pmrc, salvator mundi, billions, and too many podcasts
008 4/14/19 macro-trends, institutional authority, sports betting, nba refs, joseph pulitzer, scooter braun, influence culture, quippy newsletters, billie eilish, sally rooney, jeopardy, punk docs
007 4/06/19 the twilight zone reboot, nothing about the vessel, lil nas x, how do billboard charts work?, heathers, and vastly too much generational angst
006 3/31/19 anti-science quacks, american psychos, clicker games, flat earth documentaries, truck nutz, blogging via instagram, stoicism, the underarm serve, mmt, the trenchcoat, garfield phones, gen z
005 3/24/19 the future of podcasting, pessimists, joe rogan's galaxy brain, the clinton affair, newslettering, fake mona lisas, beto, errol, the flintstone house
004 3/16/19 haaaaating twitter, adam mckay tropes, hyper-wealth in sf and on premium cable, birdpunk, unexpected leftist stances, something about motley crue, nothing about bitcoin, and my favorite blog right now
003 3/10/19 deepfakes, eerie art projects, uncanny parodies of eerie art projects, our fake history, terrible coworking concepts, and dinosaurs
002 3/02/19 using computers to do uncomputery things, asking trumpsters hard questions, decoding recaptchas, internet political sleuthing, and that bonkers weezer songwriting process
001 2/24/19 wild fan theories, podcast theme songs, chinese sci-fi, data science & painting, museum lifehacks, too much about twitter, and the everlasting presence of willie nelson