jun 15

Where's the manifesto?

Mostly, this will be a test-ground/play-ground. I'm going to post projects that I'm working on and hope you offer opinions. What's a project? Anything from an idea that's bugging me to some dumb design/development/concept monstrosity.

I'll be posting here daily, or nearly so. What will I be saying? Sometimes, it will be general musings about popular culture and the internet. Other times, it will ask for your opinions about something.

Come back soon and you'll find:

  • In a month, this whole thing will be dynamic. ColdFusion.
  • Actual surveys that you can answer.
  • A search engine that actually works.
  • A palm version of these nuggets.
  • An email signup, so you get this crap in email.
  • More mindless opinions.
  • It'll probably be redesigned, cuz I'm fickle.
offer opinions

p.s. yeah, the livecam is really live. and, so far, so is the phone number.

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