jul 5

Worst Case Scenarios

My friend, Garmen -- who's cool, funny and sometimes giddy -- works for a tv production company in La-La Land. Her most recent gig is to help produce the show Worst Case Scenarios, based upon the book of the same name.

You may have seen the book lying around at the local oddity shop. (I bought it for someone at the Limbo Lounge in the Mall of America.) It features such action-packed scenarios as "How To Take A Punch" and "How To Escape From Quicksand" and "How To Perform A Tracheotomy." All of which will make great tv. (I hope it's on Friday nights, after the new American version of the "Iron Chef.")

Anyway, if you have ideas for programs, please write me, and I'll pass it on (and give you credit). She'll be very appreciative.

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