oct 14

The Internet Lives

 Debka.com sounds like the Drudge Report of the Middle East. The New York Observer calls it "a crudely designed, Jerusalem-based Web site that offers Middle Eastern military, diplomatic and intelligence information far more detailed (and frightening) than what is offered by many news organizations."

 Speaking of Drudge, he scoops an upcoming New Yorker piece: "The U.S. military failed to kill Taliban leader Mullah Omar when he was in its sights during the first night of the war.... Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was 'kicking a lot of glass and breaking doors,' one military official said."

 Mohamed Heikal, who the Guardian calls "the Arab world's most respected political commentator," says "There isn't a target in Afghanistan worth a $1 million missile."

 First, Chomsky says he's not a pacifist, then The Nation writes "The war in Afghanistan against apocalyptic terrorism qualifies in my understanding as the first truly just war since World War II."

 Postcards From Hell has an amazing display of Afghanistan photos. The site even includes interviews with King Zahir Shar and the late Ahmed Shah Massud.

 Some interesting maps from the Darunta Camp Complex in Jalalabad.

 Another one of these articles: Web Logs Put a Face on a Faraway Disaster (L.A. Times).

  Should someone compose a list of comedy/tragedy quotes? I'm thinking of Mel Brooks ("Tragedy is when I cut my finger; comedy is when you fall down an open manhole cover and die") and Woody Allen ("Comedy is tragedy plus time") and Walpole ("Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel"). For those in New York, this looks like an interesting event. Features writers from Conan, Daily Show, The Onion, The New York Observer, and Time.

 If you're a Flash designer/developer, you have to read this new piece from AListApart: The Flash Aesthetic. It attempts to identify the formal characteristics that make Flash a distinguishable art form.

 I almost forgot how goofy the internet is: CousinCouples.com, an apparently legit support group website "for those romantically involved with their cousin."

 And, not only is the internet goofy, it's also still able to invent really cool things that we never had before. I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives is amazing.

 If you like Buffy, this BuffyBlog is a must.

 Here's my most recent creation: Tour The Aircraft Carrier. If you have any thoughts about it, lemme know.

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