oct 15


 Well, I guess there's this opinion about al-Jazeera too. (I feel guilty even giving this idiotic NY Daily News guy my linking authority.)

 Everyone's been talking about payment methods on the internet lately. I've stayed away from concrete opinions about it, other than to say that I think a free press can still survive. (But I've got an alt-press background, so perhaps I'm slanted.) Anyway, I just noticed that Inside.com (which, coincidentally, today announced they were cutting ties with Steve Brill and that Primedia was buying it and probably shutting it down) has this form of "micropayment" on their site. "The Media Pass." Sounds ominous.

 To livestream or not to livestream? This is a question that comes up constantly in my environment. This details how MSNBC.com tries to handle it. Interesting:

When MSNBC launched a broadband version of its Web site in April 2000, the site streamed MSNBC's live feed for a few days. When executives at NBC Cable and NBC News learned of the move, they pulled the plug on the continuous live feed.

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