oct 20


 I have no link for this item, because I fear I may be alone. And I really hate to ask the question. Okay, I'll just ask it: Is Rumsfeld funny? I watch these daily Pentagon briefings, and I regularly find myself laughing. Before 9-11, he was on my list of "Most Detestable Humans." I'm uneasy about admitting that his humor is a rare bright spot in my dreary news-filled day.

 Speaking of judgements of humor, I guess because people can't stop throwing plaudits at The Onion, it was time for a contrary voice: Peeling the Onion. The reviewer, however, seems to purposefully ingnore the more poignant headlines.

 Cool link of the day: Bizarre life of Dan Rather. "Everything seems to happen to Dan Rather. In his career he's been punched, mugged, threatened with a shotgun, tear gassed, even accused (by a communist newspaper in Afghanistan) of stoning people."

 The New York Post is flipping off its readers this morning.

 This website wasn't printed in Florida, either.

 Confused? I am. Macromedia is suing Adobe over the patent of Photoshop.

 Dude can't board plane cuz he's reading Edward Abbey? The book cover.

 Hm, I missed this one from a week ago: Umberto Eco on the roots of the conflict. Interesting historical perspective-making, but missing a concrete thesis. Not that I have one, though.

 Douglas Coupland (version "When writing his new book, All Families Are Psychotic, Coupland fell out with his publishers who felt the book -- a bizarre tale of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, disease and drugs -- would be too uncommercial." (Tidbit: He's publishing a book in Japanese which will be distributed via cell phones.)

 And one more author note: John le CarrĂ© weighs in on it all.

 FilePile.org has been around for quite a while, but it's recently redesigned, so that gives me an excuse to link to it. Should I explain it? Okay, I'll try. It's a community of users who upload files in one of four media types (audio, video, stills, text). That's it. But that doesn't sound interesting, does it? The quality is all in the randomness in what you'll find.

 JohnColtrane.com is quite a pleasure. Includes a music section with fifteen great songs.

 For the typographically strict out there, AListApart has The Trouble With Em 'n En.

 Come to think of it, New York could use some Digital Flirting.

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