oct 21


 I'm in my office today, and for the first time in weeks, I'm listening to music. I've been compulsively glued to CNN and MSNBC for so long that I nearly forgot about listening to the new Laurie Anderson album. I guess this is recovering.

 Today on the webcam, my new SmarterChild t-shirt.

 The New York Film Festival forum "Making Movies That Matter" sounds like the biggest post-WTC event for the cultcha set to come along (and, no, I'm not disqualifying the endless benefit concerts). Attendees included Oliver Stone, bell hooks, Christine Vachon, and Christopher Hitchens. Rob Nelson at City Pages does another good job of summarizing the big film event of the day. (On a related note, I've been hearing from various sources that Oliver Stone has turned into a vegetable lately. I'm not sure if it's drugs or dementia, but he doesn't sound well. [Postscript: Aha! The New Yorker says it too.])

 Dave Talbot blasts Andrew Sullivan.

 A concise list of media lay-offs.

 More time-devouring flash fun going on over at FlashForward2001: Amsterdam.

 And once you're done with that, here's an absurdist blitz.

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