oct 24


 Oprah Book Club vs. Jonathan Franzen.

 Get your Anthrax Box now!

 Interview with the Aljazeera.net's general manager, Mahmood Abdulhadi. (Tidbit: they want to launch an English-language site within a year. I'm very, very much looking forward to this, since CNN.com and MSNBC.com have both decided to launch Arabic-language sites.)

 Jill Geisler from Poynter.org says her eyes hurt from watching the "crawl" on the cable news stations. (Contains kinda cool flash animation.)


 Polaroid, R.I.P.

 I think I'm going to start a band called "Take Penacilin [sic] Now". Maybe they need an editor? I know a few unemployed ones....

 Former socialist Christopher Hitchens interviewed by libertarian rag, Reason.

 In the category of "I don't care, but people are making a big deal about it": The New York Times has introduced an Electronic Edition in PDF.

 Dammit. I swear I'm gonna get outta my office early enough tonight to go watch Mulholland Drive. Here's Stanley Kauffman on the film.

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