oct 31

Nothing Halloween

 I've been in eye candy mode lately. Must be those damn design books I'm reading. I'm trying to think through new visual ideas I have for this site -- it's only a few months old and I already want to completely nuke the design. Anyway, The Art of the Motorcycle over at The Guggenheim is pretty cool.

 Oh, so sad. KSTP is giving up on their "Broadcast Center Store" in the Mall of America. [Snicker.]

 What's it like to work for a dot-com? Well, I cruise around the office on a Razor scooter, and I work with people who build things like this. That's Clay's wonderful toy, which he made all by himself. It plays thousands of arcade games (literally: arcade games; it has 8 versions of Galaga, for instance). All those knobs are all the different controllers he needs to play all those thousands of games. And the case... well, he built that. His geek is greater than mine.

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