nov 3


 Is the Internet Archive Wayback Machine breaking copyright laws or providing a great service? contemplates. (Check out the Web Pioneers page. Some might ask if they internet has become worse looking in five years.)

 I should really make a separate page for "comments from writers and public intellectuals about Islam/Taliban/WTC/terrorism/anthrax." But I won't. Instead, here's another: Salman Rushdie in the Times. I also stumbled across Bruce Sterling's 9-11 Speculative Outcomes over at

 My Michael Kinsley adoration continues. His piece in today's Post, TV News Killing Our Precious Verbs, making quite an impact. Whose fault is it? Rupert Murdoch's, of course.

 Billy Corgan has a new band: Zwan. Why am I telling you? I have no idea. But I did get the new Fugazi in the mail today, which I'll tell you about soon.

 To coincide with their print redesign (engineered by the Village Voice), has redesigned. General grades: Navigation: thumbs up; Design: thumbs down.

 Another dead dot-com: Mr. Showbiz. (It was a pioneer of sorts one too.)

 Next week's Buffy is going to be so damn good that it gets eight extra minutes.

 Geek notes: Google has expanded its search functionality to include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF results.

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