nov 6


 I don't care what you say, this is cool: Every day for a month, this blog is going to profile a logician and the dilemmas he faced. Today, we get Husserl! ("What? Husserl wasn't a logician, he was a phenomenologist!")

 Another new blog, where people post dreams: DreamCatcher. A good epistemological question though: does anyone want to read other people's dreams? I find that as soon as someone starts a sentence with "I had such a weird dream last night..." I begin to nod off. Burroughs had a good theory about why this is: we lack the context of "weird" to make any sense of the surreal. I wonder how this all fits into Waking Life, though.

 I have heard of radio insidiously doing this, but never television. Apparently, CBS stations sped up sporting events to fit in more commercial time. That's funny, because CBS is ticked at FOX for running the Emmy crawl during the World Series. It's all about speed.

 Interview with Playboy's CEO Christie Hefner. I like this question: "Have you learned anything in the bedroom that you've used in the boardroom?" The answer: "It's less what you say and more what the other person understands you to have said that's important."

 Everyone's changing formats. Rolling Stone considers the glossy model.

 Who said Afghanistan has no culture? shows you're wrong. Includes a piece about Makhmalbaf muse Niloufar Pazira. (See also: the story where I found this.)

 Egyptian novelist Ahdaf Soueif chimes in with a report about the current mood in Cairo.

 This month's Digital Web is out. Feast on it, web-hedz. You might also check out this Times piece: With the World Redesigned, What Role for Designers?

 I think I'm going to start playing Majestic. has a dossier on the game.

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