nov 8


 Alright, now I'm angry. I already said I wanted to hunt down and kill the person or persons who killed Lingua Franca. (Ron Rosenbaum wants to bring it back to life.) But now my second-favorite magazine is dying. And, to top it all off, they might axe Politically Incorrect. Argh. [Post-script: Great. Bust magazine is next.]

 I shouldn't tell you, cuz you'll probably go out-bid me, but there's an Iron Chef t-shirt up for sale over at E-Bay. (Found on [Post-script: The t-shirt on the Food Network is probably cooler.]

 I discovered Giacometti through Beckett, of all places. (They were close friends for years.) The MOMA has a Giacometti exhibit nicely reproduced online.

 Onion headline: Olive Garden Voted Best Italian Restaurant In Annual Milwaukee Magazine Awards. Tee-hee.

 Nice tongue. Impressed.

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