nov 10

beer, rock, and cars

 I hang out at a Belgian Beer Mecca quite often [please come visit me in the Twin Cities, and I'll show you everything that's fanciful about the Midwest], but I really know little about Belgian beer. Finally, the Belgian Beer Escort is here to save me. There's even an audio pronunciations guide.

 My friends didn't like the histrionics of Les Savy Fav show this weekend, but I just luvvvvvved it. "What we don't know can't hurt us yet."

 The anti-consumer part of me despises the automobile, yet the design freak in me always seem to devour news about "concept cars." It's something about imagined futures that fascinates me.... anyway, here are two new VW concept cars that are crazy as hell: Microbus | Coupe.

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