nov 14


 Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for today: Lalapalooza. Fun derivation I didn't know. (Perry Farrell isn't mentioned once.)

 Not only that, but it's Wittgenstein day over at

 A somewhat odd curatorial choice for the MOMA to pick as its first online-only exhibit: Artists of Brücke. But it's very thorough, and the voice-overs are superb. (Article found at the International Herald-Tribune.)

 In another moment of internet art news, Google is celebrating Monet's birthday with a special banner. I wonder what it says that Google expresses interest in Impressionism. and have created VideoMixer, where you edit and create your own highlight reel, with sound, effects, transitions, etc. It's sorta fun, but I can't imagine any of the sportos I know spending the time to figure it out. (Flash)

 If sports ain't your thing, try the Switcheroo Zoo, where you create unqiue animals by mixing and matching different parts. (Flash)

 Bin Laden's wife (and, er, first cousin), Najwa Ghanem, is still in Afghanistan. Her (and, um, his) family speaks in L.A.

 All said, this makes me happy. This too.

 This year, they're going to try corn instead of salt on my neighborhood highways.

 Fun simulacra game: Is It Fake Or Foto?

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