nov 16

No Potter

It's been a long, long work week. Migrating databases sux. But at least I've managed to ignore all the Harry Potter hype. Some links:

 Bruce Lee lives. (Which is another opportunity to also link to this marvelous thing.) somehow got audio of the terrorists on the hijacked plane that crashed in the field in Pennsylvania en route to D.C.

 What? New Yorkers aren't overly impresssed with The Onion? Good. Bring it back home to the Midwest where we can relish how much smarter we are than you anyway. Because you're dumb, of course.

 Fellow Minnesota blogger James Lileks has penned a piece that blasts the Chomsky-ish reponse to America's retaliation. There's a hated thread over at MeFi that immediately caused a flurry of commentary.

 London Times reporter finds Bin Laden nuclear secrets. Iranian radio thinks he has fled to Pakistan.

 The New York Times is 150 today.

 I wouldn't call Iron Chef USA an abomination, but it's not great either.

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