nov 17


 Harvard has grabbed Homi K. Bhabha from the University of Chicago. Although my exposure to him is limited, I tend to agree with Marjorie Perloff on this one: "he doesn't have anything to say," though probably not for the reasons suggested. This article's focus on the jargon of theory is so tedious, and I've wished the entire dichotomous situation had disappeared a decade ago when I was first getting involved in reading this stuff.

 At (which is soon to change its name to NewArchitect), Scott Rosenberg from talks about constructing and implementing their new fee-based model. His report is really good at showing how business changes affect technology changes affect editorial decisions, and back again. That ties in nicely with the announcement that has a new idea (which is basically intensive sessions-based advertising) for making money online.

 I think I should completely stop posting stories from the mainstream press. Yesterday, I posted the story about the London Times reporter who found bin Laden's nuclear secrets documents. Today, the Voice is saying that at least some of the documents are part of a hoax.

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