nov 19

grad school

I've been considering graduate school lately. I shuffled around undergrad, picking up three B.A.s and two minors, but could never make the jump to settling on a field for post-graduate work (though medical school, film school, and cultural studies were all strong contenders at various points). Lately, I've been exploring programs tailored to "New Media" or "Information Design" or "whatever else fits in quotes that doesn't quite have a name." These programs have piqued my interest so far:
San Jose State MFA in Digital Media
School of Creative Media at the City of Hong Kong
New Media Program at Columbia
Master of Arts in Media Studies at the New School
University of Baltimore School of Information Arts and Technologies
MIT Comparative Media Studies
American University's News Media Studies
USC's M.A. In Online Journalism
If you know of other programs that might fit this vague category, or if you have thoughts or feelings about these programs in general, please drop me a note.

A Real IM Conversation:
ibsbarb: i need a metaphor for something that is often useless, but that everyone thinks they need to have.
ibsrex: sex?
ibsbarb: that'll work nicely. thanks.

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