jul 8

Surfing Sundays

I like this list from Utne. "The 10 Best Books That Defy Categorization." I only know a couple of them, but have wanted to read #2, Louis Aragon, for a while.

I played croquet recently for the first time in at least a decade. Someone asked if it was "really a sport" (the seed of infinite worthless dorm-room conversations posed to everything from soccer to marbles). But what we wanted to know is if one can get paid to play croquet. And then, in an otherwise boring Sunday edition, the Times answered my question.

Rob Nelson's City Pages review of A.I. is remarkably similar to the review I would have given. (My new fave Kubrick line: "The Holocaust is about six million people who get killed. Schindler's List was about six hundred people who don't.") What do you get if you cross Speilberg and and Kubrick? Apparently, really bad George Lucas. (C'mon, it's got a goddamn Ewok in it.)

Last seen in 1959, the BMW Mini will be re-released state-side next year.

Long but satisfying John McWhorter feature. He voted for Nader but Clarence Thomas wants to hang out with him. (This is the book causing the fervor.)

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