nov 26

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 Nice collection of WTC graphics from AIGA. I could be cynical and say that to reduce this historical moment down to iconographic t-shirt sloganeering is so "my generation," but I think these graphics are effective. Besides, who am I kidding, I'm all for t-shirt sloganeering.

 On television last night was a advert that had two ostensible small business people talking about their websites: and Funny thing though: neither one of them is an actual small business; they're both just dummy sites.

 Looks like the International Herald-Tribune website design has officially become seminal. Last week, it was a redesign that borrowed certain visual cues, and this week it's a redesign that also seems to show an influence.

 32 million losers sure do add up quickly.

 Media tidbits: Hearst wants out of its financial relationship with Talk. (Funny, I read Talk voraciously when it came out, but I can't say I've even glanced at it in a year.) Is Rupert Murdoch selling the London Times? What were the top 25 revenue-generating tv networks last year? For $93,000, would your tv/radio company buy the Time Machine, a device that speeds up programming to fit in more commercials? Is it a good idea to use Amazon to profit from booking an author on your tv show? And, finally, is cutsie Katie Couric leaving NBC?

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