nov 27

book day

 Let's call it Book Day at Fimoculous:

 New Murakami story at the New Yorker.

 I guess because I don't live in NYC I didn't know this, but Kurt Anderson (founder of and Spy magazine, and former Editor of New York) has his own radio program: Studio 360. Guest hosts have included Woody Allen, Adam Gopnick, Barbara Kruger, Anthony DeCurtis, and Nora Ephron. The archive has previous episodes. Designers will find a feast at Design For the Real World Archives. (Also of note, a Kurt Anderson interview.)

 I don't think I've ever linked to Kid A In Alphabet Land, Carl Steadman's "Abecedarian Roller Coaster Ride Through The Phallocentric Obscurantism Of Jacques Lacan." Yeah, what he said.

 V.C. Andrews died, yet the drivel keeps coming out. How? The Guardian unravals.

 Stephen Hawking has a new book. He has a soft spot for Marilyn Monroe, The Simpsons and curry. Read on.

 I stumbled across a good Walter Benjamin Research Page.

 Time to Choose Your Own Adventure.

 I wish I lived in an age of crazy yet cool literary movements. Well, I guess I have the former.

 London Review of Books argues the case for Liking Tolkien.

 1996 Revisited: The Sokal Hoax.

 Michael Wolff writes about David Halberstam (okay, okay, don't yawn).

 And to those who are asking: no, I haven't worked on my novel for over a year; yes, I'll finish it someday; yes, it's still about people and their relationship to cities; yes, 3 of 12 chapters are done; and no, my ex-agent didn't sue me.

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