nov 29


 Why Is New York City Called The Big Apple?

 Pft. According to this, last week's Buffy sex scene was trimmed because it was too explicit. WTF? That was the most sexually explicit piece of tv since.... since... since Buffy and Angel did it. (Tidbit: the author of this story was previously an intern at the place I work.)

 Bloggus Caesari is a diary-blog written from the point of view of Caesar. It's funny, but I wish there was more insight on what Ceaser thought of RuPaul's new blog. (Tip from Helen's Loom.)

 You're looking to get Rexie a Christmas present? Try the Groucho Marx Celebrity Duck at turned me on to this: The World's Currencies. Certainly, the Antarctic Dollar is fetching. There must be hundreds of currency pictures here.

 Yummy, pretty:

 Designers know the grid for the web-safe color palate like chemists know the periodic table of elements. This version of it is much more fun though.

 And here I was thinking Survivor III: Africa perpetuates insidious stereotypes about the "Dark Continent." Nope, it turns out it's perpetuating the stupid American stereotype. is offering some of its pay-content for free this week, in the hopes of getting you to subscribe. (A Barney Frank interview? Sign me up!)

 Kid Dakota is a local musician who occasionally plays with my friends (genre: shoe-staring emo slow-core folk; boy, I'd hate it if someone called me that). Anyway, he has a new website.

 Also of local note, everyone's been squawking about the Twins being potentially contracted from baseball. Frankly, I don't really care, but I do find it funny that City Pages is running a Pick Carl Pohlad's Epitaph contest. The running favorite tombstone script for the Twins owner is "If they build it, they have to come."

p.s. C'mon the new background gif isn't that bad, is it?

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